About Us

Who We Are

Busy University Library With Students And Tutor Our instructors, mentors, tutors and volunteers all convey their dedication to each student’s success. We realize at Youth on the Rise that in order for a student to connect with a tutor, they must feel comfortable, safe, and connected. We realize a student must feel like the instructors, mentors, tutors and volunteers genuinely cares about their well-being, and it is then that the student will begin to respect the tutor for their commitment to education. At Youth On the Rise we understand the key to making a relationship work is to base it on honesty, sincerity, and caring. Our program assists our students with the following:


To create an environment to self-efficiency, building talents and planning, followed by transferrable work and life skills to any work environment


To foster enthusiasm for life and a zeal of trust and respect that embodies confidence and self-achievements